Many homeschoolers know how to make a lesson out of any experience. Grocery shopping, a trip to the post office, or a walk in the park can quickly turn into a research project.

Today during our Dr. appointment, Josiah (6) was full of questions. He got an explanation of how the ear works and what happens when we have an ear infection. She used props and all.

I will capture his interest and interaction with real life professionals and dig deeper. This week we will get books at the library about ears and eat infections and  look up documentaries on YouTube on the topic. Today’s experience peaked his interest.

I’m so thankful for professionals who take time out of their busy days to educate and inspire children.
Maybe we have a future doctor in our family :)


Why Black Lives Matter

Some of the best people to ask why #blacklivesmatter are young people. Their perspective is usually refreshing and sometimes even convicting. My children’s grandfather, Rev. Laurence Nevels, challenged all his grandchildren at Thanksgiving to share their thoughts on why young lives matter. My son’s response was published in their local newspaper. Read it below:

Have you ever thought of what America would have been like without all the slaves ?

You might be thinking, “What’s this have to do with how black lives matter?” Well, my mom and dad are always telling me that this country was built on the backs of black men and women. Now, that might sound offensive to some people, but that’s the real deal. Slaves, Africans, and even Native Americans.

I’ll give you three examples of how this fits in with how black lives matter. Number one is when Englishmen were close to starvation the Native Americans gave them food. Now that happened on this exact day, which we now call Thanksgiving. Now if it weren’t for the generosity they probably would have left, or worse, they would have died. Yet they thank them by stealing their land and forcing them to go to schools and they lived in poverty. Number two, Harriet Tubman, who helped in the Underground Railroad. Born a slave, she not only escaped and had a chance to start a new life but went back and saved over 300 slaves’ lives.

Last, but not least, Barack Obama not only served four years but eight years as president. Now, can you imagine how hard it must have been to be elected the first black president and how discouraged he must have felt at times and how many people said he’d never accomplish it. There were people who encouraged him and built him up. If it weren’t for them our president would have been Mitt Romney or Hillary Clinton.

You can see how black lives and white lives are all equal and how black people helped make America what it is today — the strong safe country I am proud to say I live in!

Elijah Nevels

Radical Love

Love is an identifying virtue for a Christian. Jesus said “by this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)all-you-need-is-love-1523823

At first, this doesn’t seem difficult at all. Until we realize the kind of love Jesus was talking about. The kind of love Jesus modeled and demanded of us, in society’s terms, is radical and nonsensical!

We are to love sacrificially. Jesus said that if one would ask us to go one mile, we should go two. As followers of Christ we are commanded, not only to love our neighbor, but even our enemies. Jesus challenged us that if any would slap us on one cheek, we should turn to him the other. (Matt. 5:39)

Loving our neighbor can be a challenge and demand much of us, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Our neighbor could be an unsaved family member or inconsiderate coworker.

Let us dare to love radically like Jesus, and let THIS radical love be what brings the lost and broken to His feet!

“Do not let the endless succession of small things crowd great ideals out of sight and out of mind.”
Because of life events (good & bad) the last few years our homeschool has been out of wack. I have recently felt like I am getting back to my rhythm. Last year was the best in recent memories and I have high hopes for this upcoming one.
Charlotte Mason is the heart of my vision and my families personality. I am SO EXCITED about our curriculum next year. We will be using Simply Charlotte Mason.
Why do I LOVE Charlotte Mason? This question deserve a post of its own. I will also be sharing with you our school year and activities.
I am currently mapping out our plan for the year. My favorite resource as I do this is Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education.
This amazing book is helping me:
  • Determine my “big picture”, my main goals for the family and each individual child
  • Break down my goal into steps: Plan for the year, term, week and days.

My greatest challenge the last few years has been homeschooling multiple kids at different levels of intellect and development. This book addresses this challenge, common to a lot of homeschool moms, with practical advice.

The methods used in this book are valuable for any family, regardless what curriculum they decide to use.

How is your planning for homeschool going? What curriculum are you expecting to use?

Meeting Tony Evans


What a treat! My boys and I got a chance to spend time with our Moody Radio Cleveland family AND listen to and meet Tony Evans! The boys were thrilled!!


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