Radical Love

Love is an identifying virtue for a Christian. Jesus said “by this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)all-you-need-is-love-1523823

At first, this doesn’t seem difficult at all. Until we realize the kind of love Jesus was talking about. The kind of love Jesus modeled and demanded of us, in society’s terms, is radical and nonsensical!

We are to love sacrificially. Jesus said that if one would ask us to go one mile, we should go two. As followers of Christ we are commanded, not only to love our neighbor, but even our enemies. Jesus challenged us that if any would slap us on one cheek, we should turn to him the other. (Matt. 5:39)

Loving our neighbor can be a challenge and demand much of us, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Our neighbor could be an unsaved family member or inconsiderate coworker.

Let us dare to love radically like Jesus, and let THIS radical love be what brings the lost and broken to His feet!

“Do not let the endless succession of small things crowd great ideals out of sight and out of mind.”
Because of life events (good & bad) the last few years our homeschool has been out of wack. I have recently felt like I am getting back to my rhythm. Last year was the best in recent memories and I have high hopes for this upcoming one.
Charlotte Mason is the heart of my vision and my families personality. I am SO EXCITED about our curriculum next year. We will be using Simply Charlotte Mason.
Why do I LOVE Charlotte Mason? This question deserve a post of its own. I will also be sharing with you our school year and activities.
I am currently mapping out our plan for the year. My favorite resource as I do this is Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education.
This amazing book is helping me:
  • Determine my “big picture”, my main goals for the family and each individual child
  • Break down my goal into steps: Plan for the year, term, week and days.

My greatest challenge the last few years has been homeschooling multiple kids at different levels of intellect and development. This book addresses this challenge, common to a lot of homeschool moms, with practical advice.

The methods used in this book are valuable for any family, regardless what curriculum they decide to use.

How is your planning for homeschool going? What curriculum are you expecting to use?

Meeting Tony Evans


What a treat! My boys and I got a chance to spend time with our Moody Radio Cleveland family AND listen to and meet Tony Evans! The boys were thrilled!!

So much of the stress I have felt in parenting has been self-imposed. In the beginning a lot of my energy was spent catering to the needs and wants of my children.

Throughout the years I’m realizing I just can’t physically and emotionally be everything to them.


Today I have spent most of the time taking my children to playdates, activities, and parks. We get to a park suggested by one of my children and my younger son says he would rather go to the Nature Center. Sometimes, no matter what we do, they just won’t be satisfied. He’s disappointed, but I’m not fazed.

After embracing the fact that I will disappoint my children, I have felt so much more free and relaxed. Because of this I find motherhood much more enjoyable.

I actually want my children to grow up knowing that it is not all about them.
Parenting in this way will probably be one of the things that will prepare them the most for future relationships and life.

Recently I have fully embraced Charlotte Mason as my style of educating. I have always taught my kids like this, but now it’s official :).

If you haven’t heard of Charlotte Mason check out Simply Charlotte Mason. Here you will find more background information on her as an educator and information on what the Charlotte Mason method is. You will also find free resources and curriculum to use with your children if you find this to be a method that works for you.

I LOVE “living books” as my main source of educating my kids on history and science, as Charlotte Mason recommends. This year we have been engrossed in US History as we go through American Girl books. We started with Kaya (1764) and learned about Native Americans in the West. We then read Felicity (1774) and learned about the American Revolution. We read Josefina (1824) and learned so much about Mexican Americans and the Mexican-American War. Now we are reading Caroline and learning about the War of 1812. 10986430_10153374404112578_5051588728211713555_n

I love the flexibility of teaching each of my children in their own learning style and allowing them time to explore their interests. One of my children in particular thrives BECAUSE of this.

As I educate my children I don’t necessarily want them to go wide, covering many subjects, as much as I want them to go deep. I want each of them to discover their passions and interests and when they do, give them time throughout their day to research and read about it.

My 11 year old son loves animals and nature. His desire is to explore the AMAZON and discover exotic animals. He spend hours reading books and watching documentaries. Recently he has been learning about Kangaroos and beavers. When we went to the Zoo today he asked so many questions and enjoyed observing the Kangaroos.


He is amazed at how smart beavers are. This evening, after dinner, he invited his brothers to the backyard to help him build a dam, like beavers do. He said this will be one of his Summer projects.

This “project” involves mud! Not something I am excited about. I remember, though, how much Charlotte Mason encouraged giving children ample time outside daily. So much learning is happening outside, right now as I type this, in the mud! :) I think dealing with it is an awesome trade-off!

If you want to learn more about Charlotte Mason homeschool method and find suggestions on “living books” make sure to visit Simply Charlott Mason!

Great resource for ANY homeschool!


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