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ImageTwo of my boys (6 and 9) wanted to invite Jesus into their heart last Friday and they both asked me to pray with them!

What a priviledge to be the one to pray this prayer with them! As I disciple my children this is a moment I look forward to! I try to remind myself, though, that this moment is just the beginning of a journey for them and not a task to be checked off in my “parenting” list.

As I talked with each of them separately I made sure to stress how they have decided to accept Jesus as their Savior and from now on must make sure that He is their Lord! They, like me, are now in a lifelong journey of learning to lay down their life, their desires and their passions for Him.

My boys are growing and maturing so quickly! It’s awesome to see how much they are learning about God, learning to fear and respect Him and simply just falling in love with Him!

They are each so different and have such unique gifts and personalities. I can’t help but wonder how the Lord is going to use them in their life. I even dare to have my own ideas on what their calling might be! This can be a fun mental excercise but is one that must be done with caution!

As I know join them in their new journey with Jesus as their Savior AND Lord I want to always remember that, as a parent, I am HELPING them discover GOD’S PLAN for them in their life. This involves their career/vocation, the spouses they choose, the way they choose to play out their life! IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM DISCOVERING GOD’S PLAN IN THEIR LIFE! How exciting that what God has for them dwarfs anything I can dream of for them! He knows them more than I ever will!


I want to learn to trust the process and not let my desires for them get in the way! If I am faithful in bringing them to Jesus I need to trust where He takes their life!

As a parent of children who will be teenagers in a few years and then young adults, I will have to walk with them as they make life decisions. I want to remember that I am simply a facilitator and to approach this part of parenting with godly wisdom. I pray the Ho

ly Spirit helps me know when to share my wisdom/advice and when to trust the choices that God is having them make!

Most of all I want to remember it’s not about me but about THEIR obedience to THEIR LORD!









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I am a bit more than halfway through the first month and my “one word” has already brought so much focus! This week, in my quiet time, the Holy Spirit directed me to reading Philippians. I was not thinking about my “one word” but maybe the Lord was Winking smile. So far I have read the first two Chapters and find no way to walk away from it without thinking about Servanthood!

What touched me most of all was when Paul told the people of Philippi: “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself” (Phil. 2:3). He went on to say:

Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross. ~ Phil. 2: 5-8

As I work on being more of a servant to those around me and “in lowliness of mind” loving them more than myself, I look at the example found in Christ. I have no excuse! He set himself aside and was willing to humble Himself, not because He had to or seeking any gain, but simply because of Agape Love for us!

Part of my journey this year with my “one word” this year will be to look for  practical ways where I can improve in being a servant. This month I have come up with several but there is one that stands out as an area of much-needed improvement.

As a mother the To-Do list hardly ever shrinks. There is always something that needs to get done or a deadline that needs to be met. It’s important for me to keep our family and my children on task and keep some semblance of structure and schedule. There are times, though, when I need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and know when to put the schedule aside and serve!

If a friend calls and needs comforting, it’s OK to stop lessons and get on the phone. If we know of someone who is sick, it’s OK to spend the morning cooking and delivering meals with the kids instead of getting our chores and homework done. If during nap time a friend calls with last-minute need for childcare, I want the love of Christ in me to set the schedule aside and serve them willingly and cheerfully!

I know our first ministry is our home, and we are to serve with faithfulness and excellence. I am learning to find balance, though. Schedules and to-do lists are not more important to God than people. My son completing his homework on time is great but I think God would get far more glory by the smile in someone’s face after our words of comfort when they most need it. God gets far more glory by our service than our productivity. I think the word here for me is balance and this will only come as the Holy Spirit continues to work in me.

the-good-samaritan-1885You know, this part of my journey makes me think of the Parable of the Good Samaritan. It was the religious leaders that were too busy to help!

After telling the story, Jesus asked “So which of these do you think was a good neighbor” When the lawyer replied, Jesus said “Go and do likewise.”

My prayer is that this year, as I focus on my “one word” I will grow to be a better neighbor showing the love of Christ through my service!

How have you found ways to make your homeschool more flexible and open to unexpected opportunities to serve?

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The only thing better than getting the opportunity to be used by God to serve His people is to do it with my children!

Today I realized how much my boys are growing! As a mother I focus daily on what they still need to learn or work on. I spend a lot of time thinking about how much they need to mature and how at times they look like they are not getting what I’m teaching them!

My three older children were such great helpers as I served with my church family. We just had a Birthday Party for Jesus! It was a lot of fun, but way more work than I expected. The boys went in with me yesterday and helped set up. Today, the day of the event, they were a part of a skit performed for the kids, helped during the party and helped clean up!

It was great to see them set time aside for others! Most of all, it was great to see the joy it brought to their heart as they prepared an event for other children to enjoy.

I look forward to continuing to serve with them, even and especially into their adult years!

What has been your greatest experience serving with you children?


After serving at the event I went with my kids to deliver cupcakes to the Firemen in the area. They were nice enough to give us a short tour and let the boys get in the Fire truck! A nice ending to a hectic and busy day!

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20121202_224742-1 (1)Like in many other homes, The Jesus Storybook Bible is a favorite for both my children and myself. Sally Lloyd-Jones does a great job at walking the fine line of writing the biblical stories in a simple way without losing the clarity and depth of the truths found in God’s Word.

I just heard a radio show where she was interviewed. She talked about her latest book, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing. The interviewer asked her why she wrote this book. She said her niece was being bullied in school and she wanted her to have a devotional that would help her see what God has to say about who she is in Him!

We have been learning lots of life lessons the past few weeks. One of my sons was recently involved in an activity where he was being harassed by a child 5 years his senior. My son enjoyed the activity, but his experience was clouded by the actions of this boy. One day I picked him up and he said “I feel so bad about myself because of all the names this boy calls me.”

As a homeschooler, bullying is one thing we don’t come across much. This experience has helped me understand how helpless a parent can feel when their child is being bullied in school. My heart broke when I looked into my child’s eyes and heard him tell me these words. I know his heart, his gifts, how unique the Lord has made him, how awesome he is. I was so angry to hear about how this 13-year-old boy, even if for a moment, was making my son doubt his self-worth. I couldn’t find the words to counter-act the effect they were having on him.

Needless to say, we pulled our son out of this situation, especially since the adults involved where not taking appropriate action. Now, we are using this experience to teach him and his brothers bigger lessons:

• How can we implement Jesus’ command of loving our enemies? What does that look like?617vYV9yWrL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_
• How can we be a light, in this situation for the boy in question and those around?
Where do we find our identity and our worth, in spite of how others treat us or what they say about us?

This last one is a big one. This is one I am still learning myself! What an awesome thing to learn with my children! To find our identity and worth in Him; to learn to see ourselves the way our Savior sees us! What inner peace this will bring them, and me!

I am thinking this will be a nice gift to give to the boys for Christmas. I look forward to reading this book with them, and together learning to embrace God’s grace! As it helps us search the Scriptures, I look forward to learning to appreciate the Gospel in a much more practical way with my children…and truly celebrate Jesus’ gift to us…His unconditional love!

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Getting ready to start our search!!

As we get ready for the Christmas season we are enjoying  a lot of our favorite activities. We are finally enjoying Christmas music, we are thinking of gifts to prepare or make for friends and family and getting ready to decorate our tree and home.

After church we went to a tree farm to pick and cut our Christmas tree. You would think with all of the kids we have we would choose an easier method. We did love it! It was nice to be out in nature, enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. The scene was picturesque with a lake surrounded by evergreen trees of all types. We enjoyed the hike as we tried to pick a tree within our budget, that we all liked…try that with 5 different people and their different opinions 🙂

After we found our tree, my husband cut it, and the boys cried out “timber!!” 🙂 It was memorable! The last time we did this our oldest sons were 3 and 2 years old and I was pregnant with my 3rd son. This time was a bit more special for a number of reasons: The boys are older and better able to appreciate the experience and I was not 9 month pregnant. This time I was carrying the baby on my back.

It was a special time at the farm. When we first got there the boys  approached an older man who was there with his roosters. They were able to carry the roosters and feed them. They, of course, asked lots of questions. We then searched for our tree while at the same time enjoying a nice hike on what surprisingly a sunny day. We ended our time there with cookies and hot cocoa.

Our little boy says his sister looks like a rooster because of her hair….I’m glad he was able to see one in person 😀

Bob Hope once said: “When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.”  Today was filled with simple things, but these are what made it special. It was a family activity that did not cost us anything (besides the cost of the tree) but one that may be remembered and talked about decades from now. One day one or more of my children will be telling their kids or even their grandchildren about that cold day in Cleveland, December 2012, when their family went on a hike looking for their Christmas tree.

My 3-year-old may remember riding on the sled with the tree while his older brothers pulled him. My oldest son might never forget helping his father cut the tree and bringing it up the hill. My 6-year-old will never forget holding the rooster and listening to the elderly guy tell him about what kind of food it liked.

What made it special to me was that we were all there, together. I grew up with my brother and two sisters and amazing parents. I have endless memories of great family times together and many of them are of days like today. We were, and still are a very close family. After my dad passed away 1 year ago I have learned to appreciate this blessing I used to overlook. Though my mother and my siblings and I are still very close, whenever we get together there will always be one of us missing. There is nothing that will fill that void.

Today I am thankful I even had those years to enjoy with our family, with all of us together under one roof, for so long. I am especially thankful for the memories of the simple things now and have learned to appreciate the simple moments I have today with my husband and my children.

As parents, especially in our society, we try so hard to make our children “happy”. We go on trips, buy the latest technology or pay for the cool gym class, just to get to see the priceless smiles on their faces. But we all know that it is usually the simple things that they will always remember and that bring the greatest joy to their little souls.

The boys drag the tree and their little brother to the car.

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