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Music is a great addition to any child’s education. This week is National Music Week. Read this week’s article and learn songs to use for transitioning from one activity to the next with your preschooler and even to diffuse tantrums, making your daily routines a lot more pleasant.

And if you need ideas for Grandma’s Mother’s Day gift, you’ll will find that too!!

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As promised, here are a list of very helpful sites to get you started on your first Lapbook!!

Homeschool Share
This one has free Unit Studies for all ages, including for toddlers and preschoolers. They also have free Lapbooks and lots of resources. This one is one of my favorites!

Squidoo – Lapbooking
This has a great overview on what Lapbooking is and how to use it as a learning tool in your home.

Lapbook Lessons
This is a good forum for those who love Lapbooking. You will also find free Lapbooks, resources and can share your own.

Lapbooking on a Shoestring
A great list of resources and links. Includes helpful videos with samples and tutorials.

As you’ll learn from the sites listed above, there are lots of fun supplies you can get to make your own exciting and unique Lapbooks! To get started just make sure you have enough file folders, cardstock, colored paper, scissors, glue/tape, stickers, colored pencils/crayons, etc.
Try to get your supplies ahead of time! Have fun! And don’t forget to come back and share pictures of your lapbooks!

(A lot of these suggestions came from Rachel.)


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Today my sons painted their modeling clay handprints. They were so excited and so proud. They have actually been insisting and begging to do it since yesterday 🙂
My youngest son kept saying “This is MY hand”.
I used Tempera paint, and after they were done, just had them create a painting on paper.
Finally, we worked on small project with a different kind of modeling clay. The kind that does not dry up, so you can reuse it.
During the whole time it was so exciting to see their enthusiasm. It was a bit challenging for me for the usual reasons, but especially the part with the paintings. It was also a nice time to see them get a chance to get some fine motor skills and learn other great things, including the satisfaction of starting and completing a project. My oldest son was also very excited when he saw that he got the color purple when he mixed red and blue.
Most of all it was great quality time spent together.

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Today we did a very simple and fun craft. One that would be great as a gift or for your living room as decoration.
First, use this recipe to make Salt Modeling Clay.

2 cups of flour
1.5 cups of water
1 cup of salt
2 teaspoons of vegatable oil

Knead into a ball and flatten onto a section of aluminum foil.
Have your child press his/her hand or foot onto the clay. Use other creative tools to impress more shapes onto the clay.
Place in the oven at 300 degrees for about an hour, or until it’s hard.
After it cools, your child can color it.

This craft really works for most ages!

My kids really enjoyed it (3 and 4 years old), and are really looking forward to sending it in the mail to their grandmother for Mother’s Day. They are learning about the United States Post Office and how it works. This is a great way to teach them how things get from one place to another with the use of mail.

Other Applications:
-Letters (i.e. their initials)

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