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ImageTwo of my boys (6 and 9) wanted to invite Jesus into their heart last Friday and they both asked me to pray with them!

What a priviledge to be the one to pray this prayer with them! As I disciple my children this is a moment I look forward to! I try to remind myself, though, that this moment is just the beginning of a journey for them and not a task to be checked off in my “parenting” list.

As I talked with each of them separately I made sure to stress how they have decided to accept Jesus as their Savior and from now on must make sure that He is their Lord! They, like me, are now in a lifelong journey of learning to lay down their life, their desires and their passions for Him.

My boys are growing and maturing so quickly! It’s awesome to see how much they are learning about God, learning to fear and respect Him and simply just falling in love with Him!

They are each so different and have such unique gifts and personalities. I can’t help but wonder how the Lord is going to use them in their life. I even dare to have my own ideas on what their calling might be! This can be a fun mental excercise but is one that must be done with caution!

As I know join them in their new journey with Jesus as their Savior AND Lord I want to always remember that, as a parent, I am HELPING them discover GOD’S PLAN for them in their life. This involves their career/vocation, the spouses they choose, the way they choose to play out their life! IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM DISCOVERING GOD’S PLAN IN THEIR LIFE! How exciting that what God has for them dwarfs anything I can dream of for them! He knows them more than I ever will!


I want to learn to trust the process and not let my desires for them get in the way! If I am faithful in bringing them to Jesus I need to trust where He takes their life!

As a parent of children who will be teenagers in a few years and then young adults, I will have to walk with them as they make life decisions. I want to remember that I am simply a facilitator and to approach this part of parenting with godly wisdom. I pray the Ho

ly Spirit helps me know when to share my wisdom/advice and when to trust the choices that God is having them make!

Most of all I want to remember it’s not about me but about THEIR obedience to THEIR LORD!









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