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This year most of our subjects will be centered around World Geography. Our curriculum is My Father’s World and we have just started the 5 Year Cycle! The first year focuses on Geography, followed by 4 years of chronological history. It will be a great year and a good foundation for the years to follow. So far, we are going slower than I would like, but I usually care more about mastery!

What I love the most about My Father’s World approach is that it teaches the child to look at the world with a godly perspective. This lines up with our family mission! My husband and I want our children to grow up with a heart to serve the world. We want them to have a curiosity and a thirst to learn of different cultures, languages and countries. I want this to lead them to a life of mission! A life of service!

As I was researching for some activities to complement our lessons I found out that NASA is celebrating Earth Science Week this week. They invite students in grades K-4 to come to their website and learn about ┬áscientists, engineers, writers and educators. Through webinars, Blog posts and Twitter chats the boys will have the opportunity to learn about the different careers, what a normal day looks like for them and interact with them by posting questions and comments. This will be a great addition to this week’s lessons!

I love when they get the chance to learn about a wide variety of careers. This is a great resource from NASA, and in fact some of the interviews online this week will be in Spanish! After we take advantage of Earth Science Week on NASA’s website I will try to find local professionals for the boys to interview in person. This week’s activities should generate great questions!

This year might also be a year we will do more Flat Traveling!! Read more about it! You will LOVE IT!!

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Downtown Cleveland

After the game we drove the Flats around the city a bit. We showed them around the Theater District where Playhouse Square Center is. The Lion King was playing here throughout the summer.

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Yesterday the Flats went to an Indian’s Baseball game. It was so much fun. The boys loved the crowd. They had a general idea of what was going on, but did not mind making noise when it was time to ­čÖé They were very anxious to sing “Take me out to the ball game” and loved the Fireworks at the end. It was a great game, and the Cleveland Indians WON!!!

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Flat Ladybug and Flat Buddy went out to dinner with us.

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Flats Camp Out

Our family had a great time this weekend camping out with family and friends. We stayed in a friend’s backyard in Oberlin, OH. As I told you in the last post, I made sure to put the flats in my purse, so they came with us! This was a great time to get away from the city and enjoy a more country atmosphere.

Oberlin, OH is a college town, home to Oberlin College (one of the top 20 Liberal Arts schools in this country). It is a very liberal school and is known for its support of the Underground Railroad during slavery. It is also the only college to graduate a significant number of black women before the Civil War. Anna Julia Cooper, an Oberlin graduate, wrote A Voice From the South (1892). The town is small and largely defined by the college. The students that attend (mostly from big cities in East or West Coast) notice the friendliness and warmth of the town residents.

The boys enjoyed sleeping in the tent. I was a bit surprised by this. We definately plan to do this more before it gets colder here in Cleveland.

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