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Life in Marshes

We made some tea and sat on the couch to revisit Chapter 10 and learned more about marshes. There is so much in each chapter it’s easy to overlook great education topics.
In the marsh where Paddle was resting there was life everywhere and busy noises filled the air. The boys and I listed some of the possible makers of this busy noise. This is where Isaiah asked about crickets. He asked why crickets make noise. Elijah was wondering how they make the noise. We went online and looked at a video of a cricket chirping and read a short description of crickets. We learned that not all crickets chirp (only males do). Isaiah reminded me that he wanted to know WHY they chirped and we learned that too.

I knew more questions would come so I started a list of items to look further into. We ended up going online and reading more about Bull Moose and Rhinoceros Beatles. Rhinoceros Beatles….I definately learned something today :):

After looking at videos and pictures I printed out coloring pages of each animal for an afternoon activity.
Google Earth this afternoon….

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Google Earth!!

I am so excited!! Yesterday I found an amazing program to use for our geography lessons as we are reading Paddle to the Sea. This program was designed by a scientist and it uses Google Earth to follow Paddles trip through the Great Lakes and eventually to the Ocean. It has pointers for each Chapter that provide links with further information and pictures where Paddle is.
We are now on Chapter 10, but will probably back track a little and use the program to learn more. Paddle went through the river before coming into Lake Superior. I definately want to use the program so the boys can better see the differences between a river, lake and marsh.
For a link to the Google Earth/Paddle to the Sea program, look to the right under the list of my Favorite Books & Websites.

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"Paddle to the Sea"

Today, among other things, we are going to continue reading Paddle to the Sea. Paddle is still in Lake Superior but we have learned so much already. We have learned about rivers and marshes and all the different animals that live around these bodies of water. Before we start the next chapter we will look at some videos of the Great Lakes and learn some fun facts about them. We will also look at pictures of the Lakes from space. Learning about marshes is a study in itself, but we will talk about them a bit today, since in the last chapter we read Paddle is resting in one.
This book is turning out to be one of my favorite ones so far. I love how its bringing geography to life for the boys. We look forward to watching the movie after we finish reading the book!

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