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ImageIt is difficult to lead and train a person you don’t know. This is true in the corporate world when we are managing people and equally true in our home.

This principle is seen in Scripture. Relationship is important to God! He knows us and wants us to approach and get to know Him, our Abba (daddy in Hebrew)! In Jesus’ relationship with His disciples intimacy was important. He was more than a Teacher to them. We have so much to learn about discipleship from the Master! (There will be future posts exploring this entitled “Disciple Like Jesus”)

As I parent and educate my children there are always so many dynamics I have to take into consideration. I consider their unique personalities, interests and talents. Taking these into consideration helps me tailor their education to each of their specific needs.

Education and discipleship of my children doesn’t happen in a vacuum, though. I also have to consider sibling dynamics. This brought me to Dr. Kevin Leman’s book The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are. I loved this book, and as a first born I went on to read Born to Win: Keeping Your Firstborn Edge Without Loosing Your Balance.

These books are teaching me so much about my kids but also about myself. Yes, we are born with a lot of set personality traits and have innate qualities and talents, but we are also a product of our experiences. Dr Leman says that although our children grow up in the same household, they do not grow up in the same environment. What a revelation! His book explains this very well and I will write future posts about it.

What are your experiences with birth order? Do you see special dynamic in your children and their sibling relationship? Do you have higher expectations of your oldest child? How has your birth order affected the person you are today?

I am working on a message and would love your input! Feel free to send it to nevelsjannelle@yahoo.com if you prefer 😉


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