The best gift a mom can give her kids is to be healthy and whole. Don’t wait for the time, MAKE time to take care of yourself.

Educating for Life

There are very few things that have made me feel more empowered as a mother and a wife than my new morning ritual. I have never been a morning person. Now that I get up with a very specific routine, with the intention of “sharpening my ax”, I wake up more energetic and excited. I now wake up with purpose! My morning plan also gives me a great reason to go to bed early, and the TIME to accomplish the most important things: taking care of my spirit, mind, and body, EVERYDAY!

My new morning routine is mostly inspired by Hal Elrod’s book Miracle Morning. The Screenshot_20160522-190321_1concepts in the book have TRANSFORMED my life more than any other book (besides the Bible). Implementing the ideas in this book have released additional hours in my day. I have also so much more energy and drive during the day to…

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I’m tired. I have too much going on. I have no energy for this right now!

These are the words that are echoed in my head several times a day lately. All my children test the boundaries like all others. At any given season there’s one that manages to test my patience often and in  just the right way. Lately is been my oldest daughter.

Yesterday evening, when one of the brothers came with one more complaint, I immediately did what comes natural. I put my daughter on a time out. I was so frustrated and exhausted.

As I walked away this time I felt the need to take a mental pause.  I’m realizing that, although I address the behavior with a punishment, I may be missing  valuable opportunities to disciple.

In my exhaustion I am not taking the time to address the condition of her heart. Sending her to bed is quick, taking the time to converse and unpack God’s word in relation to her behavior takes time. 

My prayer today and in the days moving forward is for more wisdom and strength. 

Lord, give me the wisdom to identify the moments I should dig deeper and go further. Give me, Lord, the strength I need to get it done.

Use my effort to help further mold my child’s heart to glorify You.  

No Textbooks Needed

We are currently moving into a new home and everything is packed. All of our books and curriculum are still put away. Still, this week has been full of learning opportunities!

At our weekly Co-op my five-year-old was intrigued to see her new friend communicating with her mother in American Sign Language. She learned for the first time of this amazing way people communicate and even learned some words in sign language. She thought her new friends some words in Spanish.

Today my boys spent the morning in a nature class learning about monarch butterflies. My older child spent time doing what he loves most. He spoke with a naturalist about Salamanders, asked lots of question, and even got to touch one! He LOVED that!

He is now (as I wrote this) in the “field” observing amphibians in their natural habitat.

In my efforts of igniting a passion to and love of learning I rarely resort to textbooks.

In my 13 years of parenting and 7 years of homeschooling what has serve me best has been experiences. My children’s curiosity has been best nurtured and encouraged by their interactions with people, exploration of the world around them, and exposure to new thinking and ideas.

I encourage engaging people of different backgrounds, professions, and experiences.  Ask questions. Learn from others!

I can’t think of a better way to truly encourage real socialization and lifelong learning!

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” (Albert Einstein)



Every month I will be joining Brian & Kathleen on Moody Radio Cleveland to share practical tips on maximizing your influence on your children.

Click and listen to this month’s program. I talk about how to raise the next generation of leaders, why it’s so important to raise leaders, and how to identify teachable moments.


I started noticing my own prayers recently and considering my time with the Lord. I definitely need the times of confession, thanksgiving, and praise and to come to my Lord with my supplications.

I’ve  been missing a key part to intimacy with Him. I noticed I was not spending some of my time with Him in silence. There is so much depth and intimacy to be experienced by learning to just BE STILL in His presence.

I am trying to make it a practice to spend, even if 5 minutes a day, LEARNING to quiet my thoughts. This has always been difficult for me. My mind is always running!

Learning to truly listen to His Voice or just enjoy silence in His presence is a delight. It has affected so many areas of my life. In moments of crisis or insecurity, I find it so much easier now to stay in control. Instead of worrying about the “what ifs” of an uncertain future I am learning to stay present, be still, and hear His direction. 

The moments I spend in silence are some of the most powerful of my days.

Pray with me,


I thank You for the privilege I have of approaching You any time I need, in prayer. To be able to commune with You and have such intimate access is a miracle in itself. Help me see the simplicity and profoundness of this time I have the honor to enjoy. I get to pour out my heart to You and be transparent. I can rest in the knowledge that You can know me and love me perfectly.

Lord, life can get busy and noisy. Help me be intentional and proactive in making time to slow down and seek Your face. Teach me Lord, how to quiet my spirit, daily, even if for a few minutes. Remind me to slow down and be present. There’s so much power in the moments I choose to be still, quiet my mind, and listen. It is in these moments that I can hear what You want to say to me and what you want to do through me. Learning to listen will maximize my effectiveness for Your Kingdom.

As I am learning to do this, help me not make a burden out of it. Learning to really be silent is a lifelong practice and a sweet journey that leads me to closer to You.

In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen