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imageThe season of staying at home with our children has its challenges. Amidst dirty dishes, dirty diapers and runny noses its difficult to not feel like WE HAVE MORE TO GIVE! Many times we even wonder if we have missed our calling and purposeĀ in life.

One of the most encouraging thoughts I’ve heard in this season of being a stay-at-home mother was from Anne Graham-Lotz. She shared something her mother told her when she (Anne) was in her season of raising her little children. Her mom said, “Anne, don’t waste your time in the wilderness”.

The Lord has done awesome things IN his people while in the wilderness. Off the top of my head I think of people like Abraham and David.

Our God is a God of purpose! We are in this season for a reason. Not only is He using us now to serve our husbands and children, He is also doing something IN us, preparing us for more. WE DO HAVE MORE TO GIVE!

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