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In the first few years of me staying at home with my children, one of the hardest things was when people would ask me what I did for a living. I would of course say “I am a stay-at-home mother”…sometimes I would even say “I am JUST a stay-at-home mother”. In my heart I struggled with what felt like lack of significance. I could not see past the dirty diapers, dirty dishes and crying babies.

Eight years later my children are teaching me to appreciate the higher calling in what I do here at home and constantly remind me of why I am here.

My boys love counting down the years they have left to go to college. My oldest seems to think I need to be reminded often, “Mami, in 9 years I will be on my way!” Makes me wonder if they are having a good time here. 🙂

Every once in a while they talk about their future wives and wedding days. My older son wonders where his future wife is now and if she is being homeschooled. He also said it’s cool to think how she is getting ready for him while he is getting ready for her. How precious!

My 5 year old was cleaning his bedroom the other night and said he could not stop thinking about his wedding day and how it was going to be. This got us all talking about marriage proposals. I explained to them what a proposal is and we went on YouTube and looked at real life examples. Of course, they asked how their father proposed to me and my husband joined in and had fun telling them. They went on to plan their own proposals, and talked of ways of surprising their mates and guessing what their reactions were going to be.

This was such a memorable evening but also bittersweet to talk about this day when my children will leave my home and start their own. The days we have we them are so short.

Talking about their wedding days did help me have a better perspective. It helped me better understand that what I am doing is training up future head of households who will one day raise their own children, their own “world changers”!

When you contemplate that future day when your child start his/her own life in the world it makes it more difficult to describe what you do as “I am JUST a stay-at-home mother”.

What has helped you find significance in your calling as a mother?

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